Education of future healthcare professionals

MNI Grant for the Best Initiative for an Optimal Nutritional Care Approach.

MNI is pleased to announce that the 2016 MNI Grant for optimal nutritional care was awarded to KEPAN – Society of Clinical Enteral Parenteral Nutrition Turkey – for its ambitious project on education of future healthcare professionals: “Seeding a fertile land: a little effort before graduation can open a big window to awareness of malnutrition”. The ultimate goal of this project is to increase the awareness of students on malnutrition and on the importance of nutritional support and a multidisciplinary approach in disease management.

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MNI would also like to acknowledge the other excellent applications received, whose posters are available here:

MNI Grant for the Best Initiative Relating to an Optimal Nutritional Care Approach

The Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) has been awarding grants to European healthcare organisations since 2008 for innovative national initiatives to fight against malnutrition. The MNI Grant “Fight Against Malnutrition” scheme rewarded country initiatives that demonstrated the implementation of initiatives which showed one or more of the following: effective screening and treatment pathways, reduction in prevalence of malnutrition risk, quantifiable improvements in nutritional care, and health economic benefits of appropriate nutritional management.

MNI and partners have this year adopted a new grant concept relating to an “Optimal Nutritional Care” approach to inspire and generate high-quality initiatives. Check here the new selection criteria from 2016 onwards and submission requirements

Submission deadline: 16 June 2016
Submissions and any enquiries should be e-mailed to:

Selection criteria 2016

In 2016, the MNI Grant shifted from the MNI Grant to Fight Malnutrition, to the MNI Grant for Optimal Nutritional Care.

Award: €30,000
Submission deadline: 16 June 2016
Aside from the focus, what else has changed?

New global reach: Grant applications in the past have been European in scope, but in 2016, applicants and their programmes can be from across the globe!
MNI Grant funds past and future projects: In the past, only finished projects with measureable results were eligible for funding. The 2016 Grant aims to reward also Optimal Nutritional Care activities to take place over the next 24 months.

Kind of projects: advancements in one or more of the following areas of clinical nutrition:

  • evidence of improved patient outcomes
  • effective screening and treatment pathways
  • reduction in prevalence of malnutrition risk
  • demonstration of health economic benefits
  • integration of nutrition into the medical curriculum
  • progressive collaborations across multiple countries and/or various medical societies
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