Annual reports

Welcome to our Annual Reports page. Here, you will find concise summaries of our yearly efforts, highlighting our commitment to advancing medical knowledge, facilitating access to nutrition, and fostering impactful partnerships.

Annual Report 2023

In the Annual Report you can read about:

  • Advancing medical knowledge and expertise: Marking the MNI Grant’s 15th anniversary, addressing home parenteral nutrition disparities, advocating for FSMPs labelling, and ensuring proper clinical use of medical nutrition.
  • Public Affairs activities: MNI stepped up its public affairs efforts to inform EU policymakers, ensuring they’re well-informed when shaping health policies related to nutritional care.
  • Communication: MNI enhanced its communication strategies, launching a new logo and website.
  • Governance and Financials: The report offers insights into MNI’s governance structure and financial standing, ensuring transparency and accountability in our operations. 

Annual Report 2022

In the Annual Report:

  • How MNI supports advance in medical knowledge and expertise, notably through the MNI Grant and supporting ESPEN guidelines.
  • The deliverables developed to facilitate access to medical nutrition, including by developing an HEOR Oncology Model.
  • MNI’s public affairs activities to position medical nutrition on the EU health agenda.
  • Our cooperations and partnerships, including the project that have received financial contribution from MNI in 2022.
  • Our governance MNI’s assets and liabilities.
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