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The MNI Grant 2017 was awarded to the British Dietetic Association (BDA) / Global Centre for Nutrition and Health (NNEdPro) for its outstanding project “Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice”.

The award was consigned on 11 September 2017, during the ESPEN – ENHA – MNI Joint Session 2017 on Optimal Nutrition Care for All, by MNI President – Tim Meyerhoff – to Dr Minha Rajput-Ray, Harrison Carter, Sumantra Ray and Celia Laur.

The NNedpro projects aims to design bespoke, sustainable and cross-disciplinary educational programmes on nutrition by actively engaging patients and carers. In time the project will deliver a multidisciplinary, stepwise, blended learning focussed package, targeting malnutrition in the acute hospital and community setting and will increase meaningful screening, assessment and treatment of malnutrition.

The project involves healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, dieticians) at all stages of their training, including pre-registration. The 30,000€ award will support the development of educational material, the hiring of a project manager and support administrative costs.

This project’s application received the endorsement of BAPEN.

Video: Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice

MNI would also like to acknowledge the other 21 applications received, whose posters are available here below:

Selection criteria 2017

  • Must be endorsed by a national PEN society (worldwide)
  • Must focus on quantifiable advancements in one or more of the following areas of clinical nutrition:
    • Evidence of improved patient outcomes
    • Effective screening and treatment pathways
    • Reduction in prevalence of malnutrition risk
    • Demonstration of health economic benefits
    • Progressive collaborations with multidisciplinary stakeholders including patients and carers
    • Education of medical students / healthcare professionals
    • Strategies to implement and advance nutritional care in clinical practice
  • Potential of the initiative to influence national nutrition policy and/or to transfer to other settings or geographies is highly desirable
  • Must demonstrate progress and achievements in the next 24 months
  • Previous MNI Grant winners may reapply if they submit either a new initiative or a significant evolution from the initial winning submission

At the 2017 ESPEN Congress, the winner will be invited to present their initiative during the ESPEN-ENHA-MNI Joint session “Optimal Nutrition Care for All”
After the event, all submissions will be posted on MNI website. 

After 24 months, the winner will be asked to report on developments.

Award: €30,000
Submission deadline: 15 May 2017

For more information on the submission requirements and process, download the flyer and the submission template (as a guidance on how to structure contents of your application).

Submissions and any enquiries should be emailed to

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