“Optimal Nutritional Care for All: Assuring quality medical nutrition support for patients at home” – ESPEN-ONCA-MNI Joint Session 2019

With more than 3500 experts attending this year, the ESPEN Congress 2019 is the natural home for the ESPEN-ONCA-MNI joint session featuring Optimal Nutritional Care for All.

Putting the patient at the centre of healthcare, this annual appointment presented latest trends in assuring quality medical nutrition support for patients at home.

The President of the Polish clinical nutrition society hosting this edition of the ESPEN Congress – Stanislaw Klek – provided a keynote speech on the importance of patients having access to quality medical nutrition support at home.

In the words of Professor Rocco Barazzoni – ESPEN Chairman – “ESPEN works daily and it is fully committed to the goal of supporting quality patient care across all settings, also for patients at home. Year after year the ESPEN Congress offers the opportunity for a full exchange amongst several healthcare professionals and experts on the topic.”

Fernando Mateus – MNI President – closed the session by presenting the launch of a website dedicated to Home Parenteral Nutrition and announcing the winner of the MNI Grant 2019: the Portuguese PEN society (APNEP) was awarded for its ambitious project on mandatory screening implementation to promote an effective malnutrition diagnosis.


Press Release

Joint Session Programme

Providing quality nutritional care at home – interview to joint session speakers
Marek Lichota, Inflammatory bowl disease patient; Rocco Barazzoni, ESPEN Chair; Anibal Marinho, APNEP Chair; Frank de Man, ENHA Executive Director; Stephan Bischoff, ESPEN Chair

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