Malnutrition Awareness Week 2023

Brussels, Belgium – 6 November 2023

On Malnutrition Awareness Week 2023, MNI actively communicated on LinkedIn and Twitter to raise awareness of the importance of disease-related malnutrition. In particular, MNI highlighted the risks of malnutrition for patients with cancer, as they:

  • may have taste changes or nausea due to treatment
  • are twice more at risk of being malnourished compared with patients without cancer

MNI underlined (including through visuals) that:

  • Up to 70% of patients with cancer can become malnourished
  • Patients with gastrointestinal cancers, at more advanced cancer stages or older patients, are more likely to develop malnutrition due to the disease.
  • Malnutrition results in an increased burden on healthcare resources, with an estimated cost of €17 billion/year in the EU.

Therefore, nutritional care should be an integral part of cancer care across Europe

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