ESPEN-ENHA-MNI Joint Session 2015

ESPEN-ENHA-MNI Joint Session “Optimal Nutritional Care for All”: 7 September 2015, Lisbon

MNI is proud to have been able to contribute to the joint session entitled “Integrate nutritional therapy in clinical care for oncology patients” and is happy to provide a recording of the session . Click on the pictures to view the videos.

MNI Networking Café – showcasing activities driving better care through better nutrition

The MNI Networking café projected a number of videos showcasing key initiatives to help drive better care through better nutrition.

  • New studies on the cost savings and patient benefits delivered by ONS

This cartoon showcases the negative consequences of malnutrition and the cost-effective management with ONS.

Interview of the joint session’s speakers

The importance of integrating nutritional therapy in cancer treatment at an early stage

Interview of the joint session’s speakers

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